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Voting machines push for tighter security

October 28, 2008

Next-generation Canadian voting technology is making its way on to the American political stage.

The secure electronic voting system based on cryptographic principles was conceived at the University of Ottawa about two years ago. Dubbed Scantegrity, the system has since evolved dramatically.


Drivers licences with chips spark heated debate

July 25, 2008

The introduction of enhanced drivers licences (EDLs) containing wireless technology is billed as a convenience that can speed up activities such as border crossings, but it's also unleashing a storm of controversy in both Canada and the U.S.


Lessons in Spanish e-health

July 16, 2008

The lack of a shared, agreed vision is a central problem in Canada's approach to healthcare transformation, says Dr. Alex Jadad, director of the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation at the University Health Network in Toronto. By contrast, Spain spent considerable time and effort in defining the shared vision of a revamped healthcare system at the outset with the public, physicians, policy-makers and other stakeholders before re-engineering it.


Green sensibilities combine with high-tech

June 3, 2008

A new form of convergence is coming from unexpected quarters: green sensibilities are combining with high-tech to create intelligent buildings. Skyrocketing energy prices are fuelling a drive to infuse buildings with the intelligence needed to react to environmental changes and boost energy efficiency.


Talk to the machine

May 16, 2008

People who are turned off by the chirpy automated voices that have replaced human receptionists at many large companies, take note: interactive voice response systems are about to become a whole lot more common.


Economics trumps IT greenwashing

April 24, 2008

Enterprises are being assaulted by a bewildering array of new and old IT products suddenly purporting to be green and good for the planet. "Many new green features are the same features that weren't green before, so how come they're green now?" says Drue Reeves, VP of research at the Burton Group, a Midvale, UT-based IT consultancy.


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